Relationshit is a hilarious comedy webseries, about how ‘happily ever after’… isn’t so happy after all.

Zoe falls in love with a man she met online, and thinks he’s destined to be the father of her future children – until he reveals a huge deal breaker on their first date. But Zoe will use anything from charm via pseudoscience to plain brute force to make him choose her.

Roman has to cope with his girlfriend Isabella moving back to Australia. Her unorthodox suggestion on how to make it work doesn’t sit well with him at all – but he’d never admit to actually having feelings!

June is exploring her sexual orientation, but has never been on a date. When she’s rescued from a pick up artist by her new love-to-be, she’s sucked into a life-threatening triangle.

Relationshit has been completed and is currently on the festival circuit and in distribution negotiations – until we can share more, enjoy our ever-growing bonus content, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when we publish.