Cast & Crew

  • Ivy Jelisavac
    Writer & Director

    “Be nice or I will put you in a screenplay.” And thus, Relationshit was born.

    Ivy believes that humane working conditions result in a better product. She is currently developing her first feature.

  • Adrian Musto
    Director of Photography

    Adrian has an admirable ability to be “in the zone” on set. But heaven help you if you mess up the organisation of his kit.

    He has shot various TV programs and is currently DOP on a Netflix documentary.

  • Ana Ecaterina Tan
    Magical Sparkly Production Unicorn

    Ana’s favourite game is “Guess my accent.”

    She’s responsible for keeping the choo-choo-production train running smoothly by sourcing locations and organising All The Things.

  • Ingvild Deila

    Ingvild recently played Princess Leia in Star Wars: Rogue One.

    In Relationshit, she plays Zoe – a stubborn kickboxer who falls in love in three seconds, flat.

  • Shamir Dawood

    Shamir appeared in Mission Impossible and Holby City.

    He plays Roman, a cynic who’d rather not have any feelings at all. (He fails.)

  • Faye Sewell

    Faye is the lead in Cat Skin and appeared in Rock Band vs Vampires.

    Her character June is only starting to test the waters of dating, unsure if she’s allowed to want what she really wants.

  • Kevin Watt

    Kevin is a northern actor, theatre producer, and UFC nut.

    He plays Paul, whose encounter with Zoe throws him into a situation where he has to decide whether he truly values security – or adventure.

  • Loren Peta

    Loren recently worked on Blade Runer 2049 as Rachel.

    Her character Isabella has to go back to Australia after living with Roman, and her attempt at making long distance work backfires… badly.

  • Kerry Bennett

    Kerry was a regular on Casualty and Hollyoaks.

    Her character Amber saves June from a precarious situation – but then, unknowingly, drags her into something much more dangerous.

  • Yasen Atour

    Yasen had roles in Robin Hood, Ben Hur and Marcella.

    He plays Chaz, whose inability to let go tears everyone in his vicinity into the abyss.

  • Caryl Jones
    June's Mom

    Caryl is a avid marathoner and skier.

    In Relationshit, she plays June’s Mom – whose good intentions can come across a little insulting.

  • Jordan Page

    Jordan loves improv – and speaks Japanese and Mandarin!

    She plays the role of Natasha, a public speaker on the topic of open relationships…